plate armour

plate armour
specially hardened steel plate used to protect fortifications or vehicles from enemy fire
Hypernyms: ↑plate, ↑scale, ↑shell
backplate, ↑beaver, ↑brassard, ↑breastplate, ↑aegis, ↑egis, ↑cannon, ↑chanfron, ↑chamfron, ↑testiere, ↑frontstall, ↑front-stall, ↑cubitiere, ↑cuisse, ↑epauliere, ↑fauld, ↑gorget, ↑greave, ↑jambeau, ↑helmet, ↑knee piece, ↑nosepiece, ↑pallette, ↑palette, ↑roundel, ↑skirt of tasses, ↑solleret, ↑sabaton, ↑tasset, ↑tasse, ↑tuille, ↑visor, ↑vizor

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plate armour noun
Protective armour of metal plates
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